Happy thoughts

"Please bring Liz & Yannick back again for next year's festival. They were my favorite pair. Liz and Yannick are so classy, friendly, approachable, funny and professional. Their workshops were amazing and their approach to teaching is so refreshing. Their chemistry as teachers is exceptional. I love that they focus on fundamentals that are truly important for all levels. It was clear that they were excited to be a part of this year's festival and really gave it all of their enthusiasm, and it showed in the individual attention they gave to their students. Their performances were special. It's so rare to see traditional tango performed the way they do it: slow with an emphasis on graceful walking, and they looked so royal doing it!" "Portlander". - Valentango

"A wonderful addition to the ValenTango teaching staff. Well seasoned instructors. They have an amazing ability to engage and keep the class engaged. When this happens you are better able to understand and retain the material. Oh....they are also unbelievably personable and approachable." Villano

"A truly amazing weekend with two of the BEST TEACHERS IN THE WORLD. Their expertise, which is amazing in and of itself, is exceeded only by their desire to advance their students to their highest potential. They are enthusiastic about working with all levels and have something for everyone to learn. Their technique is exquisite and their teaching style engaging. In a word, well you can't describe them in a word. You might try masterful, amazing, fantastic to start. Don't miss an opportunity to work with them if you get the chance." George C.

"Graceful, elegant; every step executed with precision, youthful energy and passion ...Pure delight to just watch, and to learn from this extraordinary couple." Marcel N.

"Liz & Yannick are incredibly passionate professionals. They have tireless explored the best possible ways to teach me that tango is not just a combination of pretty steps but a feeling that is danced, and a walking embrace. Their tireless energy, their professional attitude, and their dedication to deliver the BEST they can possibly do for their clients, time and time again. I'm a big fan, and would recommend them without hesitation." Maarten C.

"La cosa es que no solo son dos buenisimos bailarines; son dos buenisimas personas, son amables, carismaticos, simpatiquisimos, la verdad muy, muy sencillos y llenos de amor y eso hace la gran diferencia. Los adoro" Adriana G.

"They are just WONDERFUL! Not just moves...but explanations...WHEN to do something (musically), WHY it works that way, HOW to make it work well...HOW to practice it (including drills)...and great answers to every question any one had. (...) And the Vals class was also delightful...I think I'll feel comfortable dancing to that music, now. I have fallen in love with Vals music, but...wasn't clear on how to dance to it. Not a problem, any longer...I think. I wish they came around more often...and I thank you for bringing them in. NOW I know why you raved about them..." Patrick D.

"Hermosos amigos..fue una gran experiencia tener a estos dos campeones, en tango, en amistad y en humildad.. en Rosarito dejaron muchos amigos..y los vamos a esperar siempre" Francisco G.

To the point

"When word gets out about these teachers, students will be lining up in the street." -- Bob
"They are wonderful, the workshop last night was awesome." I.G.
"They have a refreshing sense of humor -- the best of anybody." C.M.
"They are sensitive and expressive in their dancing; they give each person individual attention, and we had a lot of fun in class."
"They emphasize musicality & technique."
"The moves were elegant but simple and they were even able to teach me!" William K.
"They're adorable! I want to dance just like them." J.D.
"They are very clear in how they explain the technique & breaking down the movements." T.P.
"Their English is great; their sense of humor is fantastic … they make it fun." S.M.
"They put the "whoosh" into waltz!" C.B.


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